WiFi Compatibility

Will this work with my home WiFi network?

TankMate is compatible with most 2.4Ghz WiFi networks, with WPA/WPA2 security (or unsecured), with a single router and standard settings. The more your network diverges from the norm, the greater the chance you might encounter issues. The TankMate unit works on 802.11b/g networks. (Most 802.11n networks are backwards compatible with 802.11b/g) Note that 5Ghz networks are not supported, but your router may be capable of transmitting in 2.4GHz and 5GHz simultaneously.

How close does my tank need to be to the WiFi router?

This depends on the layout and construction of your house, and the strength of the actual WiFi signal. As long as you can see some WiFi signal at your tank, you will most likely be able to connect. If you are unable to get a connection at your water tank, we will happliy refund your purchase price if returned within 14 days, in original condition. (See returns under T&Cs).

Can I check if my WiFi signal is OK prior to purchasing?

This is a good idea. A signal strength of 1-2 bars on your mobile phone (at the tank) would indicate a sufficient signal quality. With a very weak signal, some readings may be missed. Battery life may also be reduced in this case, as the device takes longer to connect.

What if my WiFi gets turned off when I leave the property?

The sender unit will attempt to connect for up to 60 seconds. If no connection is established, the unit will go back to sleep until the next scheduled reading. No data will be recorded. If the WiFi connection is unavailable for a long period of time, the battery life will be reduced.


How often does the unit publish data to the web / mobile apps?

The unit will send an updated reading every 12 hours. This duration may be adjusted within the settings page of the mobile apps. A reading can be taken at any time by pressing the RESET button on the side of the sender unit.

Do I need to have a paid subscription to use the mobile apps?

No. The mobile apps have two tiers: Standard (free) and Premium (paid). Details of the Standard app features can be found on the Apps page.

I have had my TankMate for less than 1 year. Why can I not acess my water usage info without subscribing?

Subscriptions were only activated as an in app purchase in November 2019. Your 12 months free access to premium features will start from the date you subscribe in the app. You will not be charged until the next billing cycle begins in 12 months time.

Can I monitor two tanks with one sensor unit?

Yes you can. If you have multiple tanks that are connected so that they maintain the same water level, you will only need one sensor unit. You can then configure the app settings to allow for multiple connected tanks. This will adjust the water volume calculations accordingly.

Can the app monitor multiple sensors?

Yes it can track multiple sensors, using a single login. The app will display your total water volume, percentage and usage, as well as the status of each tank individually.


I have no WiFi near the tank. Do you have another solution available?

We have a 4G version set for release in early 2021. Contact us for details. An outdoor repeater can be used to reach tanks up to 500m away.

Can I install this myself?

Absolutely! Installation involves connecting the sender unit to your home WiFi network (2.4GHz), and running the sensor cable into the tank through the tank roof or lid. No calibration is required. Just add your tank diameter, outlet height and overflow height information into the tank during setup and you are good to go. In most cases, a 30mm hole is drilled into the tank roof or lid. The sensor probe and cable are lowered into the tank (all the way the bottom), and the sender unit is fixed on top of the tank, covering the hole. With above ground plastic tanks, there are usually a range of location options. For in-ground concrete tanks, the tank lid is often the only accessible area. The sender unit can be screwed down onto the lid. It is best to remove the unit prior to opening the lid for a tank clean or filling. The cable can also be run in through the riser of a concrete tank if required, to locate the sender unit away from the lid. For this setup, a side mounted cable is recommended. See installation page for details.

My tank is located under a driveway. Can this still work?

Possibly. However, the sender unit cannot be located inside the tank, as the WiFi signal will not carry through the concrete (or steel lid). In this case the sender unit will need to be located away from the tank, with a longer sensor cable running through a conduit under the driveway and into the tank. For this reason it is very difficult to retrofit with a concrete driveway.


Is the lithium battery on v2 WiFi units rechargeable?

No. It is a primary lithium battery (non-rechargeable). Replacement batteries can be ordered from our website, or from specialist battery stores. The v2 sensors can also be run using 3xAA batteries if required.

What maintenance is required?

Very little. The battery life of our v2 units is approximately 3 years. It is recommended to clean the sensor probe annually, by rinsing out any silt that has built up from the tank floor.