WiFi Setup

Why can I not see any network names (SSID's) in the app when trying to connect?

You may not have allowed the app to use location services, which are used to find local networks. Go to your general phone settings / apps / permissions and ensure that the app has permissions enabled to use location services.

I have selected a network in the mobile app, but it fails to find and connect my TankMate device. How do I resolve this?

1) Ensure the TankMate is in WiFi Setup mode (blinking blue) before sending the WiFi credentials. This mode will time out after 2 minutes. 2) Check that the network you are connecting is broadcasting on 2.4GHz 3) Make sure your phone is connected to the same network See further details on router settings below.

How do I know if my router is broadcasting on 2.4 or 5GHz?

Most routers have the ability to broadcast on both 2.4 and 5GHz. Look up your router/modem model number to confirm. You can also log in to your router's admin panel to check the setup. Open a web browser and use the address, username and password shown on the product sticker. E.g. Spark Smart Modem:; username: admin; password: admin

My router has only one SSID for both 2.4 and 5GHz. How do I force a connection on 2.4GHz?

Some routers allow you to temporarily turn off the 5GHz radio from the router admin panel. This is usually found under wireless settings / advanced. Other routers do not allow the 5GHz to be disabled - e.g. Spark Smart Modem. In this case, you can eliminate the interference of the 5GHz network by doing the following: - Take the TankMate unit further away from the modem, until you only see one bar of signal on your phone - Connect the unit using the app, ensuring it is in WiFi Setup mode

Are there any special settings for connecting to a mesh WiFi network like Orbi?

Yes. If possible, turn off the secondary access points (nodes) so that you can connect to just the one access point. As the TankMate uses WiFi to send the initial configuration, having multiple access points can create interference. You can also move the unit away from the router until you have very limited signal (1 bar on your phone). This will reduce interference from the other access points and ensure an initial 2.4GHz connection.

How can I check if my TankMate device is connected to my network?

Press the RESET button on the unit. A short press will wake it up and force a reading. (Note: a long press of 3 seconds plus will clear the WiFi settings) The STATUS LED will then blink as it tries to connect: - No light at all: battery / power issue - Connected: blinks green briefly, then steady green/blue for 10 seconds - Connection Error: blinks green for 5 seconds, then red for 45 seconds. Cannot connect to assigned network. A connection error can be caused if the WiFi network is out of range (move the unit closer to test) / or because an incorrect WiFi password or SSID has been entered.

Are there any recommended WiFi settings?

Not specifically, other than the 2.4GHz network. - Security: WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK is supported - Transmission modes: slower settings can work best for initial configuration on some routers - try use b/g only if you encounter any issues.


Should the status light turn off after making a connection?

Yes. On each cycle, the status LED will display a light blue colour (for around 10 seconds) while sending a reading to the cloud. It will then turn itself off. The unit is set to wake at preset intervals to send data. (The default is every 12 hours - but this can be customised in the app under "Tank Settings".)

What are the different modes of the status LED?

Mode 1: Connected - blinks green briefly, then steady green/blue for 10 seconds Mode 2: Connection Error - blinks green for 5 seconds, then red for 45 seconds. Cannot connect to assigned network. Mode 3: WiFi Configuration - ready to receive WiFi configuration info, blinking blue Mode 4: Bluetooth Configuration - blinking purple (in development)

How do I change the WiFi network / password on an existing TankMate device?

- Ensure the device is powered ON - and in sleep mode (no status light flashing) - Press and hold the RESET button - for around 4-5 seconds - until the status LED flashes red - The status LED should now start flashing dark blue. This is the WiFi Setup mode. The unit will sleep after 2 mins - press RESET once to wake. - In the app, click on “EDIT NETWORK SETTINGS” on your Tank Settings page (for the selected sensor. - Follow the instructions in the app

How often will the TankMate device take a reading?

By default, the sensor will send an updated level reading every 12 hours (2 per day). This can be adjusted in the mobile app under Tank Settings / Publishing Frequency. Having more readings per day will increase the accuracy of your daily water usage calculations, but will reduce battery life.

Can the unit detect a leak?

Yes. The sensor will wake and take a reading every hour. If the level has dropped significally (i.e. tap left on for one hour), an abnormal usage alert will be sent via the app. Slow leaks are harder to detect. The best way to do this is to set the unit to update hourly, and then compare two level readings after a sustained period of inactivity, e.g. 12 midnight to 6am (or longer if possible).

Does the sensor probe need any maintenance?

It is recommended to remove and clean the sensor probe once a year. Lift the probe up by the cable, unscrew the end cap and rinse with water. Do not touch the pressure membrane inside. Close the end cap and lower slowly back down.

How do I change the WiFi settings on a v1 TankMate unit?

For v1 devices (sold prior to October 2019): - Press RESET briefly to wake the device - Hold down SETUP (small button closer to the battery) - until the LED blinks dark blue (10-15 seconds). - If successful, the LED should then blink steadily (dark blue) - WiFi Setup mode - Open the "WiFi Settings" on your device (laptop / phone / iPad etc.)​ Connect your device to the WiFi hotspot called "Photon-xxxxxx" - Open a web browser and go to: - Follow the instructions to connect to your network

My app has not show any updated readings for a while. What should I do?

The easiest way to troubleshoot the unit is to press the RESET button on the side of the sender unit and observe what the status light does. (Don't hold it down for longer than 3 seconds). - No status light = battery / power issue - Blinks green briefly, then steady blue for 5 seconds = connected - Blinks green briefly, then red = WiFi connection issue If the device is offline, it is not possible to diagnose the issue remotely.


Why can I not see the app screens for "Usage" and "Alerts"?

These a Premium app features. Subscribe through the TankMate app. Note that all features are free for 12 months. However the app stores require you to sign up to the Premium version to access these features. You will not be charged until the free trial period ends in 12 months time. You can cancel at any time and continue to use the other features at no cost.

How long does the app take to update after I get a new reading?

The data should be accessible within 15-20 seconds. If you already have the app open you will need to swipe down on the main screen to refresh the data.

My usage shows a change of 10L when I am away from the house - why?

Slight variations in level readings can be expected. While the sensor readings are extremely stable, a small variation in reading height can have a big effect on the literage calculations. E.g. a 1mm change in reading height on a 25,000L tank represents approximately 10L. Which is only 0.04% of the tank volume!

How can I enter the dimensions of a rectangular tank?

The app currently supports dimensions for cylindrical tanks only. To convert your rectangular tank size to an equivalent diameter, do the following. 1) Measure the rectangular tank length (L) and width (W) 2) Calculate the equivalent diameter (d), using the equation below:

How can I enter the dimensions for two connected tanks that are not the same diameter?

Calculate an equivalent total diameter (dt) - use the calculation below. Set "Tank Qty" to 1 - as if the two tanks were combined into one large tank. E.g. Tank 1: 3.5m; Tank 2: 2.6m dt = 4.36m


My battery is low - how long should a TankMate battery last?

The expected lifespan is 2-3 years. This varies according to how often the device is set to publish readings, and the quality of the WiFi connection. Some early v2 units may experience shorter battery life than expected. In some cases this was caused by a firmware issue. Contact us if your battery has failed prematurely.

Why do you no longer stock the standard C-size battery that came with my v2 unit?

v2 TankMate units sold from Dec 2019 - Dec 2020 used a C-size ER26500M battery. This has been superceded by a more powerful version - with higher capacity and better allround performance. The newer lithium batteries (Dec 2020 onwards) can be connected to the unit by detaching the existing battery holder leads from the PCB, and directly connecting the new battery leads. See instructions for details.

Can I use standard AA batteries on a v2 unit?

Yes. You will need a 3xAA battery holder. The unit can be powered either with alkaline or NiMH (rechargeable) batteries. Note: heavy duty type batteries are not suitable

Can I use any 3.6V lithium battery?

No. We recommend the use of our replacement battery. Some other 3.6V lithium batteries may not be able to supply enough peak current to power the unit during WiFi connections.