Troubleshooting - TankMate WiFi Sensors

I've completed the WiFi setup, but the device turned off

  • On each cycle, the status LED will display a light blue colour (for around 10 seconds) while sending a reading to the cloud. It will then turn itself off. This is normal. The unit is set to wake at preset intervals to send data. (The default is every 12 hours - but this can be customised in the app under "Tank Settings".)

Understanding Device Modes (v2 Devices)
The status LED indicates the device mode. When no LED is visible, the device is in sleep mode - press RESET to wake:

  • Mode 1: Connected - blinks green briefly, then steady green/blue for 10 seconds

  • Mode 2: Connection Error - blinks green for 5 seconds, then red for 45 seconds. Cannot connect to assigned network.

  • Mode 3: WiFi Listening - ready to receive WiFi configuration info, blinking blue 


I've completed the WiFi setup, but still cannot connect to the WiFi network 

  • v2 units will flash green (for 15 seconds) and then red (for 15 seconds) - this indicates a failed connection

  • Ensure you are close to the router and press RESET to try again​

  • Follow the process below to clear your WiFi credentials (for example if an incorrect password was entered)  

  • NOTE: only 2.4GHz networks with WEP/WPA security can be used with the TankMate unit.

Modem / WiFi Settings (v2 Devices)

​If you are having trouble setting up your WiFi configuration:

  • Open your browser - go to your modems setting page (e.g. / for Vodafone Ultra Hub Plus)

  • Log in using your username and password. These can usually be found on your modem.

  • Go to your wireless (WiFi) settings, in advanced mode. For the 2.4GHz frequency, check:

    • Standard transmission modes will be set to b/g/n (AC mode is not supported)

    • If your device is not connecting - try select a slower WiFi speed setting (b/g) - which can help the TankMate unit receive the initial configuration info. 

    • Once an initial connection has been established, you can return your modem to the default settings

Changing Your WiFi Settings (v2 Devices)

  • Clear the​ WiFi settings and reconnect:

    • Ensure the device is powered ON - and in sleep mode (no status light flashing)

    • Press and hold the RESET button - for around 4-5 seconds - until the status LED flashes red.

    • The status LED should now go back to flashing dark blue. This is the WiFi setup mode. (The unit will sleep after 2 mins, press reset once to wake.)

    • In the app, click on “RECONNECT” on your Tank Settings page (for that sensor.)

    • Select the correct network SSID (phone should be connected to this same network)

    • Enter your password and confirm. The app should display a success message

    • Check that the status LED turns light blue to indicate a connection. Press RESET again to confirm.

Changing Your WiFi Settings (v1 Devices - sold prior to October 2019 - green circuit board)

  • Clear the​ WiFi settings by:

    • Press RESET to wake the device 

    • Hold down SETUP (small button on left) - until the LED blinks dark blue rapidly (10-15 seconds). 

    • If successful, the LED should then blink steadily (dark blue)

  • Repeat the WiFi setup process on this page​

Updating Your Device Firmware (v1 Devices)

  • Open the housing lid (4 screws)

  • Press RESET once to wake up device

  • Press and hold both buttons

  • Release the RESET button

  • Continue to hold SETUP, until you see a magenta (blue + red) LED flash

  • You should see a flashing magenta LED for 10-20 seconds, while the device updates

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